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hourly hotels bookings

Know Slicerooms

We all know that staying at a hotel has its own expectations; everybody wants their stay to be more comfortable and well served. Finally every customer wants the full value for the money they spent on hotel bills.

It required some innovative approach to deliver customer expectations and the idea of paying for hotel rooms on an hourly basis took roots. It is observed that many of us need hotel rooms and services only for few hours yet end up paying more on many occasions for hours we hardly use. This formed the basis for a venture like Slicerooms which gave online access to customers who were looking for flexibility in check-in and check-out timings without any compulsions of customary hotel norms.

At Slicerooms we understand that you are not only looking at hotel rooms but a lot of other facilities for relaxation and comfort, that is why we have handpicked hotels in every important city and towns across India for your convenience and ease of booking. We are also working with our hotel partners to offer you lot of conveniences like airport transfers, travel arrangements, breakfast, spa facilities and themed dinners.

The bottom line is that every time you visit a hotel it is sure that you will be paying only for the exact hours of your stay. That’s a big advantage and lots of savings.

Slicerooms looks forward to partner your hotel visits and make it most welcoming.